mule deer

2015 Big Game Award Gold Winner
Orest Popil- Mule Deer- 181 1/8

David Sherwin - Records Chairman

Sharpen 'em up boys and girls as its not far away!!

Best animal harvested each year will receive a custom made knife. More info...

Must be an A.T.B.A. Member before the season opens, All entries must be in by March 1st of the following year to be eligible and measured by an official measurer.

Shoot the webmaster a copy of your official score sheet to have your harvest entered in the A.T.B.A. Historical Record Book online version.

A.T.B.A. Members Yearly Harvest Archives

Click on the year to view the slideshow for that year.

2000 -2001 Wade Stockman Bull Moose
2000 -2001 Terry Brew Whitetail Buck
2000 -2001 Rob Speedie Bison
2000 -2001 Randy Hermann Black Bear
2000 -2001 John Schneider Black Bear, Coyote, Whitetail
2000 -2001 Jeff Lander Mule Deer Buck
2000 -2001 Jack Kempf Turkey
2000 -2001 Brent Watson Whitetail Doe
2000 -2001 Gun Lemke Whitetail Buck
2002 Gun Lemke Cow Moose
2002 David Watson Whitetail Buck
2002 John Schneider Whitetail Buck
2002 Richard Pearce Bull Moose
2002 Bryan Down Whitetail Buck
2003 Randy Hermann Bull Elk
2003 Calvin Briggs Bull Moose
2003 David Watson Black Bear
2003 Gary McCartney Black Bear
2003 Pat Morphy (2) Black Bears
2004 Kyle Amundson Black Bear
2004 Brent Watson Mule Deer Doe, Mule Deer Buck
2004 Calvin Briggs Whitetail Buck
2004 Gun Lemke Coyote
2004 Randy Hermann Bull Moose
2004 Terry Brew Turkey
2004 Yves Blouin Coyote, Grouse
2005 Bert Freelink Sheep
2005 Brent Watson Black Bear, Mule Deer Doe, Bull Moose
2005 Calvin Briggs Mule Deer Buck
2005 David Sherwin Caribou
2005 Pete Ward Bull Elk, Whitetail Buck
2005 Randy Hermann Whitetail Doe
2005 Terry Brew Porcupine
2005 Wade Stockmen Bull Moose, Whitetail Doe
2006 Brent Watson Whitetail Doe, Whitetail Buck, (2) Mule Deer Does
2006 Bryan Down Whitetail Buck
2006 Darren Thompson Mule Deer Buck
2006 Don Aellen Whitetail Doe
2006 Gun Lemke (2) Whitetail Bucks, Bull Moose
2006 Joey Ryan Black Bear
2007 Brent Watson Whitetail Buck
2007 Darren Thompson Whitetail Doe
2007 David Sherwin Antelope
2007 David Watson Black Bear, Bull Moose, Whitetail Buck
2007 Delin Watmough Black Bear
2007 Gun Lemke Bull Moose, (2) Whitetail Bucks
2007 Joey Ryan Whitetail Buck
2007 Pat Morphy Black Bear
2007 Terry Brew Bull Moose, Whitetail Doe
2008 Bert Freelink Mule Deer Buck, Bull Moose, Antelope
2008 Brent Watson Whitetail Buck
2008 Randy Hermann Black Bear, Grouse, Sheep
2009 Bert Freelink Whitetail Buck
2009 Brent Watson Black Bear, (2) Whitetail Buck, Bull Moose
2009 Gun Lemke (2) Coyotes, Cow Moose
2009 Randy Hermann Whitetail Doe
2009 Terry Brew Whitetail Doe
2009 Tucker Grose Whitetail Doe
2009 Yves Blouin Bull Moose
2010 Bert Freelink Bull Moose
2010 Brent Watson Black Bear, Antelope
2010 Bryan Down Grouse, Bull Moose
2010 Justin Black Beaver, Grouse
2010 Mark Barber Carp
2010 Pete Ward Whitetail Doe
2010 Tucker Grose Bull Moose
2010 Walter Andreeff Beaver
2010 Yves Blouin Sucker Fish
2011 Bert Freelink Mule Deer Buck
2011 Brent Watson Whitetail Buck
2011 Bryan Down Black Bear, Garp
2011 Dale Johnson Mule Deer Doe
2011 Darren Thompson Bull Elk
2011 David Watson Whitetail Buck
2011 Calvin Briggs Whitetail Buck
2011 Jack Kempf Turkey
2011 Justin Black Grouse, Mule Deer Buck, Rabbit
2011 Steve Rogers Bull Moose
2012 Bryan Down Turkey
2012 Terry Brew Turkey
2012 Gun Lemke Coyote, Bull Moose
2012 Justin Black Squirrel, Woodchuck
2012 Darren Thompson Whitetail Buck
2012 Steve Rogers Whitetail Buck
2013 Orest Popil Bull Moose
2013 Logan Seifrit Whitetail Buck, Bull Moose
2013 Tim Pardely Whitetail Buck
2013 Randy Hermann Bull Moose
2013 Mike Dimoski Bull Elk
2013 Rob Speedie Carp
2013 Yves Blouin Turkey
2013 Bryan Down Turkey
2014 Brent Watson Mule Deer Buck, Bull Moose, Whitetail Buck
2014 Randy Hermann Bull Moose
2014 Orest Popil Whitetail Buck
2014 Yves Blouin Whitetail Doe
2014 Brad English Cow Moose
2015 Yves Blouin Bull Elk
2015 Tucker Grose Bull Moose, Bull Elk
2015 Divid Sherwin Grouse
2015 Randy Hermann Rabbit
2015 Brent Watson Mule Deer Doe
2015 Orest Popil Mule Deer Buck
2016 Bryan Down Turkey, Carp
2016 Terry Brew Turkey, Carp
2016 Rob Speedie Turkey, Carp
2017 Tim Duggan Moose
2017 Randy Hermann Sheep, Grouse
2018 Calvin Briggs Antelope
2018 Brent Watson Balck Bear, Whitetail buck,