The A.T.B.A

Executive Updtaes

What has your ATBA executive been doing?


It’s been a busy winter. 2 sportsman shows, 6 days at Cabela’s, an AGM and three meeting to kick off a new year.

Our annual raffle was launched in February 2016 and is going slower than expected. Please send in your tickets if you’ve sold and try and sell more. We have received back around $3700 out of $10,000.00

AGM went well financially, around $1050 in raffle sales. We came up short on help with the banquet. Going together with the ABA means we need members to step forward to help us and the ABA running the banquet.

Two committee “Frames of Reference” were approved and are now posted on the website.

We elected our newest executive, Tim Pardely, to the Board as a director.  Welcome Tim!

The HCJ is 99% planned.  HCJ registration is being launched the week May 2, 2016.  Forms are being emailed out to members and last year’s participants. There will be no physical mail out unless requested. Please go to the web site for a copy of the 2016 HCJ posters and get them out wherever you go please. The Brochure with agenda is there as well, along with registration forms. Please fill out your forms carefully.

If anyone knows of a company in the Red Deer or Rocky Mountain House that rents Portable toilets let Mark know. We need some for the HCJ.  

We are planning a couple of weekends in July to organize and fix targets at Ron Quintal’s place near Eckville. Watch for emails or keep visiting the website for more information

Peter has been ordering targets. We have 8 new Rinehart targets bought, one new blue heron donated from the dart league and 4 delta targets. We are buying a Rinehart goat and a mountain lion which we hope to have for this year’s HCJ.

We will need volunteers for the HCJ, specifically cooks for the 2 lunches. If you are interested or can help please let me know.


All the best and looking forward to our upcoming event,

Mark Barber,

ATBA President